dinsdag 5 juli 2011

3 more letters :)

hello Everybody ,

im sorry that we didn`t updated the blog , but we were very busy and also didn`t get mail , but 2 weeks ago Chimène got 3 package`s in 1 week and she enjoyed it a lot , she was looking trough the packages and learned a lot of the country`s .
well let me tell you about the 3 package`s :

the first one was from :

Leslie out of Canada (Oshawa-Ontario)

look what Leslie send all along with her letter , really some nice goodies and Chimène loved it all

a sweet little Hello Kitty , Chimène is crazy on her , so it`s now standing next to her tv , so she can see it all the time , a great keyring from canada

some postcards , candy and i think it`s a sort of drinks we can make with water , that we cant buy here , maybe they have that a lot in canada .

Leslie also wrote  a long letter , about :

her town Oshawa , whats in ontario - Canada 
it`s a small city with about 150,000 people , the biggest industrie there builds cars  from general motors canada  (we know that name haha) .
Oshawa is around 30-45 minute drive from Toronto , thats the largest city of canada
Canada have 10 provinces , 3 territories , 3 coast lines and are the second largest country in the world
they have 2 official languases : english & french

Leslie thank you so much for this all , Chimène loved it all and cherisch it

then Chimène got a package full of cards from :

Miriam out of Israel

Miriam wrote a few things on almost each card , so funny , so chimène knows something special about the card :)
Miriam also wwrote a few weeks ago some about israel and mailed it to me , i have to print it , but the printer doesn`t work good on my laptop , so i have to do that sometime, miriam told a lot about Israel , with cut drawnings with it , we really learned a lot about Israel .
when i print it all , i will show it with a photo on the blog

Miraim , also thank you a lot for this , Chimène learned a lot about Israel :)

the Last letter is from :

Anita out of Enland

Anita made a cute booklet for Chimène , send some postcards and leaflets about the aria .
in her letter she tells Chimène about :

Anita lives in Barrow - north west England .
it`s a large industriel town .
also some history about the town (chimène loved that)

Anita , thank you also for the lovely letter and information you send along with it , chimène loved the booklet you made for her .

we really are surprised by this all and love it that peolple send this to Chimène and evcen make some cut for her .
she really learns a lot by this , so i hope she will get some more letters around the world .