maandag 24 oktober 2011

a letter out of spain

 Finally a update from us , we were so busy and also had a rough time , so sorry for that .
Chimene got a lovely gfat letter out of spain , she got it in august and we were were on vacation , so when we got home it was waiting for her and when she opened it she was screaming from joy , what a great package .

the letter is from :

                                                          Vanessa - Spain

Vanessa wrote :

im 31 years old and live in Valencia , well i live in a little town near this city , my town is called Albal .                                                                                                                                                
Albal i a medium town with about 15.000 inhabitants , it has a old muslim tower , is opur most important monument .
Valencia is in the east of Spain and have good beaches
Valencia is a big city , one of the most important of Spain and you can enjoy the good weather & food .
the dish "star" is Paella : rice with fish or meat and we have lots of orange trees , the most important fruit there .

Vanessa , thank you so much for the great letter and the sweet gifts , you made chimène very happy .

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