dinsdag 3 mei 2011


yeahhhh Chimène got her first letter today  :

it`s from Misha out Arizona - USA

Misha is 16 years old and a homeschooler and lives in Tucson , she moved from california to arizona .
she tells about the dessert and about the "Saguaros" cactus , really intresting  :)
and some history about AZ
so Chimene was really glad about it and she could smell the flowers and the creosote , it`s really have a heavy frangrance haha

Misha  , thank you so much for doing this , this is really great and chimène loved your letter and flowers , the postcards are also great , we are going to put this all in her scrapbook . (i will put some photo`s from the scrapbook after a few letters)

and you wrote in your letter : your wish is a wonderful one and im happy to be part of it , i don`t think there are many bright young people such as you so curious about the world , it`s a good thing .
i hope you get manny letters .

thanks for that , it`s very sweet you wrote that and we hope to get more letters like yours

greetings Chimene and Roos

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  1. You are very welcome!! I'm so glad she liked it!! And I can't believe I was first! That's awesome! :)