woensdag 25 mei 2011

Letter 5

when i came back from groccery-shopping , my neighbour told she had a package for me , i was surprised , didn`t order nothing , so she came out with a big package haha and saw the name of Chimène on it , so great , i knew there was something on his way to her , but didn`t expect this big hahaha .

this big package is from :

Karen B. - USA (Florida)

it was really amazing when chimène open up the package , there was really beautiful stuff in it what she can feel and also read a little bit about the place ENGLEWOOD in Florida .
Karen have a really great blog http://www.theessentialbeachcomber.blogspot.com/
  and follow her for a while and told her that we were really jealous that she could find such beautiful shells on the beaches were she lives , because we can`t find those here and look what she send to Chimène , because she loved to join this project  :

a great t-shirt with Florida on it and also the favorite animal of Chimène , so she was really trilled by that :)
a few information , a book about all kind of shells , so we can look what kind it all are , so  Chimène put it by her camping stuff , so that`s coming with her on our vacation hahaha and what do you think of all those great shells , really we looked our eyes out , so great , so beautiful , we can`t find those here  :(
Chimène gave me some of the shells , because she knows that i love it (i collect anything of the beach , shells , sanddollars , sharkteeth`s , even sand from all beaches of the world , well i try that hahaha) , sweet from her dont you think ?

here a close-up photo of the beautiful shells :  

and Karen also send some shark teeths , some ??? well a whole bag full hahaha , look how beautiful :

it`s really great to see it so close and hold in our hands , so great , don`t know how old they will be , maybe it`s more than 100 years old , really don`t know .

Karen  , i want to thank you so much for sending all this beautiful stuff to Chimène  :)
she really love it and is going to wear the t-shirt this night in bed , because she love it a lot , you really made her day (and also mine`s , because it give`s me a smile if my daughter is happy)

we are going to buy a special cabinet for the beautiful shells for in her room
thank you :)

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  1. Wow, that package got there lightening fast. I'm so glad I could share my little town with you. Tell Chimene when she sleeps in the t-shirt she will have extra special shell dreams!

    Take good care,