zondag 22 mei 2011

Letter 3 & 4

Chimène got 2 letters last week  :)

and they are from :

Kelly out Winnipeg - Canada

Kelly is 25 years old and live with her Dad and Grandma & puppy  in Canada and going back to school fall .
She loves to read , write , watch movies , listen to music , cooking , travel , take picture`s and meet people .
And she never been to the Netherlands , but hope to visit 1 day .

Kelly also have a letter blog : http://www.100daysofsnailmail.wordpress.com/

Chimène got a nice letter with a Metro newspaper , Zoo flyer , 3 pins , bookmarker , birthdaycard and a sweet bracelet from Kelly  .

About Winnipeg - Canada :
700.00 people lives in Winnipeg , the city started as a trading fort for furs between ethnic french , scots explores and the firts nation people .
the fort was called Fort Garry and there is still a litlle tiny bit of it standing downtown .
then a youg noble man from the UK , called "Selkirk" began a farming settlement .
the firts year nobody knew how cold it be for how long and they ran out of food and the traveld to a ford in the USA to survive .
the they had the problem of the rivers flooding at the time (all this was in the 1800`s)
there are 3 rivers that meet in the city , the Red , the Assnibone and the Serve , but the flooding makes the land around very rich and once the settlers adjusted to the new conditions the city grew .
Now they have aerospace & bus manufacturing , manny big truck companies , railway yards, the provinces goverment is based there and they still have a lot of agricultural buisness .

thank you Kelly with charing this with us and a big thank`s from Chimène for the great goodies with the letter  :)

                                                              Marie - Denmark

Marie is 23 years old and live`s in Denmark and tells she wrote letters when she was 6 years old and still love it a lot , so that`s why she send Chimène this letter with some loose stationary from pocahontas , very lovely and Chimène love it , because she also write letters with another dutch girl of her own age .

Marie also have a letter project , you can find it here : www.swapable.blogspot.com .
She`s trying to recieve letters from each country in the world and even from each American state .

she wrote a little bit about Denmark , that "the little Mermaid" is written by a Danish person : Hans Chritian Anderson .
LEGO is also from Denmark
how the flag looks like and called "Dannebrog"

thanks Marie for the sweet letter and also good luck with your letter project :)

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